“Justice doesn’t just happen. Get with me, and let’s go get it!”

Michael Kiel Kaiser, Little Rock Attorney

Mike believes the key to a successful representation is to identify a client’s goals early, and then constantly seek innovative ways to achieve those goals. Mike employs an aggressive pre-trial motions practice to achieve the best
results for his clients. Mike believes in being blunt. He does not tell clients what they want to hear, but instead what they NEED to hear, the raw and uncut only. He believes in keeping client informed of the nature and progress of their case, and in working with them closely throughout the process.

After working as a public defender in courts throughout Pulaski and Perry Counties in 2015-16, Mike understands the potentially life-altering consequences a single traffic ticket or seemingly minor charge can have on a person’s life, let alone a felony. He works hard to ensure that collateral consequences of any arrest or conviction are minimal, thinking about how today’s actions may affect the client years down the line. He approaches each case with the same passion and gusto, whether the client faces a fine, a loss of some privilege, or life behind bars. Mike’s passion extends beyond his work. He has spoken to residents at Our House about how to get the most out of their appointed counsel, volunteered at several local Homeless Court events and sealing clinics, and takes on multiple pro bono and reduced-fee cases annually. He has also taught continuing-education courses to other attorneys regarding Arkansas appellate law, and has spoken to local gun enthusiasts about the state of Arkansas law regarding carrying a weapon. Mike has represented thousands of Arkansans accused of crimes, focusing primarily on; drug crimes, DWI; juvenile delinquency; and criminal appeals.

Mike is a proud graduate of THE Little Rock Central High School, an avid cyclist, and an active volunteer with the local Jewish Food Fest. He is a second-generation lawyer, and proudly states that he “gets it from his mama.”

9.0Michael Kiel Kaiser
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